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Option 4) Validation of a degree earned:

Universidad Azteca offers validation of a degree already earned by another institution of postsecondary education. Similar to recognition of transfer credits.


The applicant must submit the following documents:

  • Application form with signature
  • chronological order of all previous education, qualifications and degrees
  • chronological CV with focus on academic and professional background
  • application letter stating the degree, the study area or discipline or concentration, and the reasons for its validation (homologation) to the Dean of European Programmes
  • notarised copy of the degree subject to the application for validation
  • notarised copy of the transcript or diploma supplement
  • study plan, if available, for the programme of study leading to the award, or a description of the programme, its duration, degree requirements, and mode of delivery
  • copy of passport page with photo and personal details
  • passport-style photo
  • in case the degree was awarded after examination of a thesis, a copy of the thesis
  • a matchlist or portfolio indicating, how and why the degree earned is equivalent to any respective degree awarded by Universidad Azteca and the applicable Universidad Azteca degree requirements


The awarding institution is one of the following

– a nationally recognised IAU listed university;

– a nationally recognised and accredited institution of postsecondary education;

– a state approved or lisensed institution of postsecondary education with degree awarding powers;

– an institution of postsecondary education with institutional accreditation by an accrediting agency recognised or listed by any government authority or board in charge of recognising accrediting agencies, or listed and recognised by CHEA, ENQA or INQAAHE;

– an institution of postsecondary education offering programmes with programmatic accreditation by an accrediting agency recognised or listed by any government authority or board in charge of recognising accrediting agencies, or listed and recognised by CHEA, ENQA or INQAAHE;

or the degree subject to validation is

– any degree awarded that has already been evaluated and recognised by an officially recognised credentials evaluation service, e.g. NACES, NARIC, OFQUAL or Professional and Regulatory Bodies.

Apply for Universidad Azteca degree by Validation

Universidad Azteca degree validation or nostrification results in the award of the equivalent Universidad Azteca university own degree to the applicant based on recognition of the foreign degree.

Master and Doctor

Master and Doctor degrees are subject to Universidad Azteca Validation in the study areas:

  • Business Administration and Management
  • International Commerce
  • International Relations
  • Law
  • Psychology
  • Environmental Science and Environmental Management
  • Health Sciences
  • Public Health
  • Public Administration
  • Social and Political Sciences
  • Education
  • Information Technology


Pls, consult the website information on current fees.

Validation of a degree previously earned

Validation Process

Please, do not send us unsolicit documents, follow the application instructions below

– Contact us first to learn about your eligibility. Pls, name the degree you want to validate and the awarding institution

– Once we pre-evaluate and deem you eligible, we will send you the application form and instructions

– You submit the application forms and required documentation

– After payment of the Application Fee we will issue a ruling whether you are eligible for validation or not

– Once you are eligible, you will receive an Admission Evaluation Report and the invoice for the validation fee of the respective degree

– After payment of the Validation Fee the Examination Committee will rule on the award of the degree by validation

– The degree will be awarded within 60 days of the ruling

– The degree will be Notarised

– The degree will be mailed to the applicant by registered air mail


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