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The Study WeeksA student may start inModules to studyExams
Feb/01Feb/076th WeekFeb Intake  
Feb/08Feb/147th Week1st Module  
Feb/15Feb/218th WeekFeb Exam
Feb/22Feb/289th Week  No Exam
Feb/29Mar/0610th Week
Mar/07Mar/1311th Week
Mar/14Mar/2012th Week2nd Module  
Mar/21Mar/2713th Week 
Mar/28Apr/0314th WeekMarch Exam
Apr/04Apr/1015th Week3rd Module  
Apr/11Apr/1716th Week
Apr/18Apr/2417th WeekApril Exam
May/01May/0718th WeekMay Intake  
May/08May/1419th Week4th Module  
May/15May/2120th WeekMay Exam
May/22May/2821st Week5th Module  
May/29Jun/0422nd Week
Jun/05Jun/1123rd Week
Jun/12Jun/1824th Week6th Module 
Jun/19Jun/2525th Week
Jun/26Jun/3026th WeekJune Exam
Jul/03Jul/0927th Week  No Exam
Jul/10Jul/1628th Week
Jul/17Jul/2329th Week
Aug/01Aug/0730th WeekAug Intake  
Aug/08Aug/1431st Week  No Exam
Aug/15Aug/2132nd Week
Aug/22Aug/2833rd Week7th Module  
Aug/29Sep/0434th Week
Sep/05Sep/1135th WeekSept Exam
Sep/12Sep/1836th Week  No Exam
Sep/19Sep/2537th Week
Sep/26Oct/0238th Week
Oct/03Oct/0939th Week8th Module  
Oct/10Oct/1640th Week
Oct/17Oct/2341st WeekOct Exam
Nov/01Nov/0742nd WeekNov Intake  
Nov/08Nov/1443rd Week9th Module  
Nov/15Nov/2144th WeekNov Exam
Nov/22Nov/2845th Week   
Nov/29Dec/0546th Week
Dec/06Dec/1243rd Week
Jan/08Jan/143rd Week10th Module  
Jan/15Jan/214th Week
Jan/22Jan/285th WeekJan Exam

In the illustrations below, you can find briefly some details about the intakes, and when the exams are taken place. Whereas, In the table, you can find detailed information about these matters.

The student can enroll to start studying from any intakes of the four intakes we do have during the year.

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