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Duration: Two Years

Credits: 120

Study Language: English

Transfer Credits: Available

Starting Date: Next Week

Dual Award: Available

PhD with Azteca University

Thesis: Required

Method: Research-Based

Only Research Modules are required!

Thesis Language: English

Possible: in French, German, Spanish & Arabic

Institut Avrio de Genève‘s Doctorate in International Business and management has been designed for students exhibiting exceptional talent in the field. Our virtual study program focuses on combining elements from both general management and international expertise. This distance education program offers students the platform to engage and emphasize issues in multinational enterprises. Swiss-British education here deals within businesses expanded across national borders. We will look upon everything from supply chains, to labor policies, international marketing and sales.

We are looking for candidates to have the necessary skills and critical abilities to question, interrogate, analyze and identify issues within these dynamics. This Swiss diploma occupies students in academic coursework including seminars, workshops, reading groups and research papers. You will have at your expense unlimited online resources as well as the faculty members. You will be expected to collaborate with the faculty to come up with novel research ideas. During your thesis duration you will be appointed a supervisor who will guide, mentor and aid you.

Our main objective is to allow students to explore and comprehend cross border businesses as well as intra- and inter organizational practices and relationships. You will be expected to incorporate an interdisciplinary approach towards sociocultural, economic, political, and institutional contexts of international business. We expect our students to conjure up ideas’ worth presenting at conferences. You can look forward to co-authoring research content with your supervisor as well. Here at our institute the faculty is interested in a number of themes including:

  • Foreign alliances,
  • Foreign investment, and
  • Joint ventures.

Your focus of analysis should be emerging economies along with e-economies and the role they play in stabilizing international businesses. You can delve into this and much more from the comfort and luxury of your own home, while you acquire Doctorate education that will cement your position nationally and internationally within the academic environment. This diploma grants integrity to your resume allowing you to pursue a career as a senior risk management consultant, economic researcher, and business development manager.

Program Summary

Management D.Phil. Study Program
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