Duration: One and a Half Years

Credits: 60

Study Language: English

Transfer Credits: Available

Study Methods:

Starting Date: Next Week

Thesis: Required

Thesis Language: English

Possible: in French, German, Spanish & Arabic

One-Year MBA / 60 Credits / Without Thesis is Available

Master of Business Administration (MBA) with or without a specialization is regularly a 1.5-year distance study program that enables the students to get more in-depth knowledge about business and investment management. If you have completed your bachelor’s in business administration, pursuing your studies with an MBA diploma is a sound decision. You will be open to a more practical approach to business management. Your theoretical concepts will be more effective, and you will be informed of proper knowledge of management principles prevalent in the industry.

Opting for the this diploma is the best choice for your higher education. It does not matter from which institute you did your BBA diploma, enrolling in the Swiss quality system with British education (Curriculum) for Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a good choice. Our Institute is well-suited to provide students with the proper initiation into management education. All the students are concerned about the value of their diploma and the institute from where they get their diploma. Having a diploma in business administration, from Avrio as an Institute in Switzerland, will add good worth to your educational career. You can easily apply to various companies for good management posts. Securing a job would also become easier as a result of your 1.5 years long virtual study from Switzerland.

Business administration is an extremely popular diploma. Many firms and reputable companies seek diploma holders in business administration. You can get better opportunities if your CV holds the tag of Master of Business Administration (MBA). Higher education leads to more exposure to management concepts. Thus, companies hiring management professionals can develop a better sense of credibility due to their master-level education. Management is something that is practiced in all industries and fields. All the emerging, as well as successful businesses, require management professionals to supervise all the tasks in an organization. If you successfully complete your diploma in this field and hold good knowledge of management, you have brighter chances of availing yourself of a good position in various reputable firms.

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The Main MBA Specializations at Avrio Institute:

In Addition to the main master program, the institute does provide MBA in a Specialization to focus on topics that the student is interested in. The main Specializations are:

Master in Accounting & Financial Management

Improve your skills and techniques in accounting, finance, and management to empower you in controlling and managing the financial matters in the company to achieve project goals with the lowest possible expense

Master in Accounting Management

The program is focused on teaching students how to manage all the accounting tasks in various industries. Management within an organization covers various aspects. Accounting management is one of those key practices that are prevalent in companies around the world.

Master in Business IT

The program offers the students an opportunity to learn the principles of IT management. Modern-day business trends are shifting more towards IT. Where technology has advanced, there has been an immense increase in the need for professionals who can and do Business and manage the IT department.

Master in Economics & Commerce

teaches required business ethics and business analysis techniques are taught to the students enrolled in this online diploma. If you have completed a virtual diploma from Avrio Institute in Geneva, your diploma will be valued a lot compared to those who have acquired an MBA in this diploma from another country.

Master in eMarketing & eBusiness

MBA program designed to improve your Tech-skills to manage, create & grow online Business as well as the use of new-tech in transforming businesses from traditional models into modern models

Master in Entrepreneurship & Management

This major is one of the leading concepts in the world of business, and the study program designed for entrepreneurs to take their career & personal development by improving their knowledge and utilizes it for increasing the effectiveness of business venturing

Master in Financial Management

The program includes theoretical as well as practical aspects related to finance that leads you to develop your Financial skills & techniques to empower you to influence the Capital Markets and to manage the company’s capital and financial resources with the ability to control them to achieve goals.

Master in Hotel & Hospitality Management

Improve your key Hospitality & Management abilities to earn your competitive advantage to achieve your goal as a hotel or event manager. During your study, you will learn how to accomplish your profession in ensuring your hotel is warm, welcoming, and makes guests feel like they’re at home.

Master in Human Resource Management

The specialization will improve your ability to be involved in the process of recruiting, training, compensating people, setting policies for them, and developing retention strategies

Master in International Business Management

Focus on promoting and transferring goods, services, resources, people, business ideas, and technologies across the countries or through multinational organizations.

Master in Leadership & Team Management

Improving your key Leadership & Management abilities to accomplish your profession, and develop your efficiency to motivate, influence, and empower employees to contribute to the success of the businesses.

Master in Project Management

Travel openly & have a full-time job without interrupting your personal developing process to earn the advantage of processes’ application, methods, skills & to achieve project goals.

Master in Sales & Marketing

Improve your key Sales & Marketing abilities to earn your competitive advantage to impact on the Market & growth strategy

Master in Strategic Management

Economic fluctuations require organizations to evaluate their strategies and management in order to maintain success. The program will develop your skills in planning, monitoring, analysis, and evaluation of all essentials to achieve goals and objectives.

Master in Supply Chain Management

Develop your techniques and knowledge about supply chain management from production, raw materials, logistics, transportation, & goods supply to consumer!

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