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Duration: Three Years

Credits: 180

Study Language: English

Transfer Credits: Available

Study Methods:

Starting Date: Next Week

Those people who are interested in developing their skills in Accounting & Finance in the same time, through quality eLearning education, they may enroll in the online program of BBA in the specialization of Accounting & Finance to gain knowledge and skills required for a successful professional career or business. Institut Avrio de Genève is offering this 3-year diploma to the students. Businesses across the world seek skilled professionals with sharp management skills and good grip over Financial and accounting affairs’ skills.

This distance program gives the following knowledge to the students:

  • What skills are required for accounting and finance management
  • What management principles comply to diverse businesses across the world
  • The risks associated with accounting and finance management

Accounting and finance management not only requires managerial skills but also demands good drip over mathematical and statistical tasks. Students who are well-equipped with these skills can enroll in this 3-year course. They can utilize their skills to get the job posts like Accounts Officer, Accountant, Finance Executive, etc. These skills do not confine students to jobs only. They can also utilize these skills in their business ventures.

BBA in Accounting & Finance completed from Avrio Institute not only gives the right knowledge to the students but also prepares them for the industry-standard jobs. Students can also register this course for virtual study. No matter what medium you adopt, the quality of education is maintained.

Program Summary

Bachelor Study Program
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