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About Avrio Institute

“Today’s Learners – Tomorrow‘s Leaders

Institut Avrio de Genève


Institut Avrio de Genève is an independent and private Business, Management, and Information Technology institute located in Geneva in Switzerland.

The institute provides online and virtual studies in the fields are mentioned above, for the Bachelor, Master, and doctorate levels (please check the programs to find what kind of diploma we offer as a study program).

Also, the institute does offer Virtual Language learning. We do teach English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, and Arabic.

For Languages, we do provide only virtual programs. So, the learner can attend live lessons from home, work, or any place.

For more details, please read Quality Assurance.

Avrio  Mission & Meaning

Avrio Mission

The main mission for the institute is to be dedicated to preparing students for careers of the global entrepreneurship, in a manner that is unique.

We do our best to offer programs that will educate the leaders of our tomorrow for the required skills and confidence, employing them in international experiences and connecting them with the best possible entrepreneurial affairs.

And because we believe that languages ​​are a key to success in our time today, and they will remain so tomorrow. This is why we add the service of teaching the most spoken languages ​​in the world, and that is why all students who study business, Management, or information technology receive a grant that reduces 70% of the language study fees for the first level they apply for.

Avrio Meaning

Avrio is a Greek word "Αυριο" means Tomorrow in English Demain en Français Morgen auf Deutsch  Mañana en Español Завтра на Русском    الغد بالعربي                 

This name has been chosen for several reasons. However, the most important are that the Greek civilization is one of the most important causes of the scientific renaissance throughout history, and this is in recognition of the value of this civilization and what it provided to humanity in general and science in particular. That is why we came to the conclusion that the name of the educational institution has to be a Greek name.

Based on our vision and mission, which we took upon ourselves, which is based on the principle that we work and invest today in preparing generations capable of producing tomorrow, by the best possible means for them, after they are armed with the knowledge and experience they need for a better tomorrow for our students and their societies as much as they influence them.

Why Choose Institut Avrio de Genève?

We understand what qualities are required by our students to excel as young entrepreneurs. Participants that enroll themselves in our programs have signed in to acquire the knowledge of much more than finance, economy, management, IT and field practice, they will become proficient in thinking uniquely and creatively, adding to a profound change in their business conglomerate. Upon successfully gaining the Avrio Institute Diploma, and upon request a British diploma accredited by Ofqual up to master level, our students are bound to acquire the insights, hunch, and mindset, which will lead their way to the global business and leadership.

Offering You Diverse Methods to Study

Are you working? Are geographical barriers a major obstacle between you and the education? Or do you have any responsibility that dose put a wall between you and continuing your education or getting a further level of education than what you already have? For the reason above and many other reasons, we are here to bring you a solution!

Distance Learning is a practice that uses correspondence – gain access to instructions and learning materials at home and work from your respective teachers. Usually, these study materials are provided via the internet however for students with poor internet facilities or the circumstances of their lives do not allow them to permanently connect to the Internet, the reading material will be sent in hardcopy, and the tutorial support might be done by telephone.

Through Online and E-Learning, the students will be given access to our E-Learning portal where all studying material and tutorials, and other requirements will be available which can be downloaded and printed out for student’s convenience.

Virtual Education is a studying method that will enable the students to have Virtual Connection with their learning providers and peers. Where the distance between a teacher and a student will become immaterial and unimportant, the courses will be taught entirely online. Unlike E-Learning, Virtual Education refers to a more electronically aided learning via face-to-face tutorials and live lectures. A classroom environment will hence be established, but now not traditionally but virtually.

Blended Learning is explained as an integrated studying method where students learn via online and electronic media as well as by the traditional method of face-to-face teaching. Being a multi-channel method, it incorporates digital tasks, face-to-face classroom discussion, images, videos, tutor-led activities, and much more.

Offering you Top British Accredited Programs

The Avrio de Genève Institute incorporates a British curriculum is or was approved by Ofqual in the UK, which has been carefully chosen by our qualified team in Switzerland in cooperation with our partners’ team in England, ensuring that students enrolled in Business and IT diplomas are given an opportunity to learn about the latest management, business, and IT practices. We aim to provide our students with the latest skills, education, and technologies required to become exceptional global leaders in the world of entrepreneurship and technology, as well as the languages ​​that are taught to us.

Supervised By A Highly Qualified, Trained Team

The Management Team and the partners in the UK gathered together to organize and manage this institute. The team has a meritorious experience in this field of Education – they are sufficiently qualified and have long experience to run successful Online Study Programs.

The most influential team members in developing the curriculum and making it eligible to be accredited by Ofqual, and to ensure its best delivering to students are:

  • Mr. M. Holden
  • Mr. A. Golding
  • Prof. P. Jackson
  • Mr. I. Sutton
  • Mrs. Goddard
  • M. R. Roberts
  • Ms. M. Von Weber (Language School Director)


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