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Ofqual –  The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation

Ofqual stands in for The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation. It is the main assessing and regulating body for managing exams and eligibility in England, additionally jurisdictional functioning in Scotland and Wales. “Ofqual was established in the interim form on 8 April 2008 as part of Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA), taking over the regulatory functions that had previously been undertaken by the QCA directly through its regulation and standards division. It was always intended that Ofqual would be an entirely separate body from the QCA. This was achieved on 1 April 2010 when Ofqual was established as a non-ministerial government department”.

Ofqual believes in providing a life-transforming and career establishing education and providing accredited diplomas and degrees to those deserving. We believe in securing our student’s futures and setting them out to be individuals with integrity. Ofqual mission is to establish and maintain high standards for all levels of education. Our accreditation has been awarded to the top academies and universities national and international both. Our accreditation system is highly valuable and much sought after. It provides our students with opportunities to excel, self-define, and self-reflect. We provide you with the necessary feedback and criticism to direct you in the right way. Ofqual basic objectives comprise of managing and providing general, vocational, and training qualifications and assessments, and audit and supervise the efficacy of National Assessments.

Ofqual and onwards:

Ofqual is one way of ensuring that your degree program was legitimate. With an Ofqual certification, you can apply for public funding, for teaching within the state education system as well as public schools and colleges. We assure you and your future employers that you have the necessary education and skill set necessary to pursue your profession and to step into the real-world market. An Ofqual qualification arms and equips you with the confidence and certainty to pursue further high-quality qualifications.

Ofqual monitors and reviews the process through which an accredited qualification is granted to an individual. there is a meticulous and thorough process to get your degree accredited. Here we maintain the necessary appropriate standards and quality for the development, delivery, and designing of the qualification.

Despite the differing criteria of educational accreditation, we have developed a process that is fair and consistent. Ofqual standards have always been maintained and those who have acquired our qualifications are satisfied and have confidence in the value that our institute provides their education.

Advantages of obtaining an Ofqual certification:

Ofqual provides you the opportunity to improve yourself and to carry on your journey through various education programs. In the marketplace, employers are often seeking a certain level of efficiency in their employees to lower the amount of training they will require. Thus, by restricting themselves to accredited programs, employers recruit high-quality employees and avoid applications that are not legible. thus, our accreditation provides you an edge over other applicants. multinational companies look for accreditation. With an accredited degree or diploma you could open many doors of success for yourself.

Ofqual is functional in England and Wales. It offers qualifications including but not limited to business, applied science, accountancy, and health and social care, and horticulture. There are eight levels and at each level various individual qualifications.

  • Level 3 (AS Level, Tech Level, or an International Baccalaureate diploma)
  • Level 4 (HNC, Certificate of Higher Education (CertHE))
  • Level 5 (Diploma of Higher Education, HND)
  • Level 6 (B.Sc. Hons and BA Hons (a basic degree either with or without honors))
  • Level 7 (Masters, PGCE)
  • Level 8 (Ph.D. or DPhil)

Ofqual qualifications is recognized worldwide, on the link below you can compare its qualifications to almost all EU countries.


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