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Duration: Three Years

Credits: 180

Study Language: English

Transfer Credits: Available

Study Methods:

Starting Date: Next Week

The BBA in Hotel & Hospitality Management is a 3-year online diploma offered by Institut Avrio de Genève to the students who want to pursue their career in the fields of hospitality management.

The industry of tourism and hospitality is excelling with each passing day. Where there is tourism, there is an immense need for the management professionals who can look after the hospitality tasks. This diploma helps students in learning all the ins and outs of effective management principles within 3 years.

Students will learn the following management principles in this virtual program:

  • What sectors need to be managed in this field
  • What management principles apply to this field
  • How to enhance the level of engagement of the target audience through effective management


Hospitality management requires good communication and tourism management skills. Students who want to pursue their career in his field can get proper knowledge about the all the management principles related to this field.

Career options in this field include marketing manager, reservation manager, and travel manager, etc. Students can avail these jobs after completing this diploma.


The Bachelor program in the Specialization of Hotel & Hospitality Management completed from Institut Avrio de Genève gives the students good exposure. Switzerland is a country with a massive inflow of tourists from around the world. This country holds millions of tourists each year. What other place can be better to learn about tourism management?

Program Summary

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