Duration: Three Years

Credits: 180

Study Language: English

Transfer Credits: Available

Study Methods:

Starting Date: Next Week

In this online bachelor program, BBA in Accounting Management, the curriculum is set between Institut Avrio de Genève and our one of our partners in UK to make the students aware of all the accounting fundamentals and principles in a real-world business. This is a 3-year diploma that can be completed distance and virtually through Avrio.

This program develops the following skills in the students:

  • What laws and rules must be followed in accounting?
  • Understanding of theories relevant to accounting
  • How to assess and manage accounts in various industries


What else can be better than having a proper knowledge of the accounting sector in the world of business? This study would bring you the opportunity to study diverse aspects like financial accounting, taxation fundamentals, marketing, and business ethics as well.

Job growth in the accounting field is growing each year. You can apply in all the notable firms that demand an accountant or auditor for their finances.


The worth of diploma from Geneva for this Bachelor program in the Specialization of accounting management can be measured by analyzing the high rate of successful accounting professionals that Switzerland has produced. The curriculum meets the modern standards; the concepts delivered to the students are based on the current industry trends, and all the companies in the world respect and recognize the full worth of the diplomas Switzerland as well.

Program Summary

Bachelor Study Program
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