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Online Master in Business and Management

Master in Leadership & Team Management

Improving your key Leadership & Management abilities to accomplish your profession, and develop your efficiency to motivate, influence, and empower employees to contribute to the success of the businesses.

Master in Project Management

Travel openly & have a full-time job without interrupting your personal developing process to earn the advantage of processes’ application, methods, skills & to achieve project goals. 

Master in Sales & Marketing

Improve your key Sales & Marketing abilities to earn your competitive advantage to impact on the Market & growth strategy 

Master in Strategic Management

Economic fluctuations require organizations to evaluate their strategies and management in order to maintain success. The program will develop your skills in planning, monitoring, analysis, and evaluation of all essentials to achieve goals and objectives. 

Master in Supply Chain Management

Develop your techniques and knowledge about supply chain management from production, raw materials, logistics, transportation, & goods supply to consumer!

Master of Business Administration

1.5-year or 1-Year online study program designed to Improve your knowledge and to help you to understand general business management functions, with the potential to focus on specific areas of business and management (Please discover our main MBA specializations).

Master in Human Resource Management

The specialization will improve your ability to be involved in the process of recruiting, training, compensating people, setting policies for them, and developing retention strategies

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