Duration: Three Years

Credits: 180

Study Language: English

Transfer Credits: Available

Study Methods:

Starting Date: Next Week

Graduation Project: Required

Dual Award: Available

With Azteca University

Institut Avrio de Genève’s bachelor’s in information technology and Networking prepares its graduates to be career ready. In the contemporary world the rapid growth and development of mobile technology, cloud technology and global information construction, organizations are facing issues. They require technicians and professionals to construct, design, manage, and protect technology networks.

Your freshman year of higher and further distance education will have you occupied in retaining a bulk of general information before you opt to select for your specialized area of interest. We offer the following areas of specializations including but not limited to:

  • Cloud Networking,
  • Cyber Protection,
  • And Software Engineering.

This online diploma will help you gain broad industry specific knowledge as well as practical skills to aid you within the field. This is one of the most demanded professions currently. Once you graduate with a Institut Avrio de Genève diploma you will be armed with confidence, communication skills, and problem-solving abilities exactly what organizations are looking for when they hire. This eLearning program has been designed specifically to provide you with practical real-life industry specific experience. This program will grant you theoretical knowledge and research tools to perform well within analysis, designing, developing, system specifying, implementing and testing.

Among the wide range of issues, you can tackle for your final year project and will be given insight into during the program include:

  • Digital agency
  • Solutions to IT predicaments
  • Designing Collaborative Platforms
  • Cyber Security

Moreover, you can dive into the food and medical universe designing and testing out networking programs to sort out their day to day problems. As a graduate you will be

  • Applying theoretical knowledge to technical contexts,
  • Analysing, reviewing and synthesizing network technologies
  • Communicate effectively clear and coherent expositions

With a networking diploma you can easily opt for a career path in network and systems administrating, networking architecture, computer systems analysing and so much more. Acquiring virtual education will provide you with multiple benefits including the option to juggle a career and studying while remaining close and in touch with your friends and family.

Program Summary

Bachelor Study Program
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