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Online Bachelor in Business and Management

Bachelor in International Business Management

Online BBA in International Business to learn about the principles and techniques to ensure business success. Our online study in business management program develops good managerial skills and comprehensive knowledge of business mathematics.

Bachelor in Leadership & Team Management

The Online BBA in Leadership & Team Management can be completed from Institut Avrio de Genève by those students who want to start their business ventures or new jobs. This 3-year program will develop the required leadership skills in the students which can further be polished through field experience.

Bachelor in Project Management

 Avrio Institute offers 3 years bachelor in project management program to provide the knowledge and skills of effective and risk-free project management.

Bachelor in Public Administration Management

Whether you opt for virtual study or plan to reside abroad for studies, the institutions of learning in Switzerland offer top-quality education to the students. Institut Avrio de Genève as an institute located in Geneva and does its best to keep the provides you BBA in Public Administration Management takes 3 years to complete.

Bachelor in Public Relations and Communication Management

The online BBA in Communication & Public Relations is offered at Institut Avrio de Genève for students who wish to pursue a successful professional career after the completion of their higher education. The duration of this program is 3 years.

Bachelor in Sales & Marketing

The BBA in Sales & Marketing is a 3-year online diploma that students can complete from various reputable institutions of learning in Switzerland and all over the world. Institut Avrio de Genève does its best with its partners in UK to let its students become professionally ready to serve top-ranked firms after completing this diploma. The course outline and teaching strategies offered in this diploma prepare the students for the industry-standard jobs.

Bachelor in Strategic Management

This 3-year online BBA in Strategic Management can be completed from Institut Avrio de Genève. All businesses rely on strategies to excel in the market. Business trends keep on changing with time. With these changing trends, strategies also tend to change. Students can do this diploma to prepare themselves for the professional career as strategy makers as well as strategic managers in diverse industries.

Bachelor in Supply Chain Management

Proper management of the supply chain is necessary for business success. Online BBA in Supply Chain Management offered by Institut Avrio de Genève enables the students to learn all the basics of supply chain and the management tasks relevant to it. This diploma can be completed within 3 years.

Bachelor of Business Administration

Students can opt for this 3-year Online BBA program that offered by Institut Avrio de Genève gives the students an opportunity to learn distantly and virtually, eLearning, all the basics of business administration.

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