Duration: Two Years

Credits: 120

Study Language: English

Transfer Credits: Available

Starting Date: Next Week

Dual Award: Available

PhD with Azteca University

Thesis: Required

Method: Research-Based

Only Research Modules are required!

Thesis Language: English

Possible: in French, German, Spanish & Arabic

Institut Avrio de Genève‘s Doctorate in Business Information Technology is a seminal program offering professional candidates the opportunity to investigate economic issues, behavioral and design issues. Our virtual study program is related to investigating the impact of information technology. Students are required to have a master’s diploma in a relevant business or information technology subject.

Our distance education program includes reading groups, workshops, seminars, and academic work. Here you will be provided with unlimited online resources and links to the best international organizations. We have curated the top analysts and academics in the field of Business IT to provide you with top quality of education and guidance. You will be required to come up with a thesis topic that revolves around the issues our current faculty are researching on and interested in. You will be guided and mentored into producing content and novel unique research for publication in peer reviewed journals.

Our Swiss diploma aims at investigating the following research thematic concerns including

  • Consumer behavior,
  • Digital strategic platforms,
  • IT governance,
  • Software productions and development.

Moreover, you will be exploring, analyzing and discovering sustainable solutions for IT analytics, and human factorization in information systems. Your online doctorate academic work includes research methodologies and tools and contemporary and traditionalist theoretical frameworks. Collaborations with faculty members result in co-publishing articles. Relevant topics for research here include project management, e-commerce, knowledge management, digital economics and user participation. Stay at home and acquire the necessary knowledge to cement your pathway within the academic and professional arena. Studying with us opens you up for a range of career pathways within communications, business or information technology as a management analyst, economist, or a market research analyst.

Program Summary

Management D.Phil. Study Program
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