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Quality Assurance

Institut Avrio de Genève operates to the highest academic standards and has multiple structures in place that ensure the standard of education provided to its students is of the highest quality.

Republic and Canton of Geneva - Switzerland


“Avrio Sarl” which is known as “Institut Avrio de Genève” is a private and independent institute that was officially established and registered as a Swiss institution in the Republic and Canton of Geneva in Switzerland (UID: CHE-466.123.397).

According to the letter from The department of public education, training and youth “Département de l’instruction publique, de la formation et de la jeunesse (DIP)”, Ref: MB/II the Avrio Institute is allowed to offer online and virtual teaching as well as handing out diploma in its name.

Qualifi – Success through learning recognised Worldwide

Avrio Institute is a recognized institution body by Qualifi in the UK.

As a recognized UK awarding organization regulated in England by Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual), Council for the Curriculum, Examinations, and Assessment (CCEA) in Northern Ireland and Qualifications Wales (QW), Qualifi is able to give assurances to registered centers and learners of consistent, rigorous, quality standards and valid, valued learning. Please click here to see the certificate (Check the Certificate)

Ofqual – The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation

OFQUAL Recognised Partnerships

The learning materials are designed and written by professional academic authors so that each interactive module is aligned against specific learning criteria specified by OFQUAL, The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation regulates qualifications, examinations, and assessments in England. Avrio Institute, through its partners in the UK, works with OFQUAL recognised Awarding Organisations for the verification of our programmes. These standards ensure those that learn with us receive a high-quality education along with certification that is recognised universally by Universities and employers. (Read more about Ofqual).

ATHE – Awards for Training and Higher Education

Avrio Institute is a recognized institution body by ATHE in the UK.

Awards for Training and Higher Education provides centers with a wide variety of qualifications including, but not limited to, administration management, business, tourism, law, computing, and health and social care.

ATHE have made a name for themselves with exceptional customer service, excellent quality standards and rewarding qualifications with progression routes to university degrees (Check the Certificate)

CONIES – Council on International Higher Education Supervision

Avrio is a validated member and its Postgraduate programs are validated

CONIES was founded during an international conference of universities from Americas, Europe, and Asia in Managua, in March 2012 as the Confederación Internacional de Educación Superior, with its English acronym ICHE International Confederation of Higher Education. CONIES has since developed and internationalized, establishing an Austrian branch CONIES as a registered Non-Profit-Organisation.


Based on this validation, our students have the possibility to earn a dual award upon graduation (Read More). A diploma from Avrio Institute and a University degree from one or all Universities below:

  • Central University of Nicaragua
  • Azteca University in Mexico

Azteca University

All #Avrio_Institute #Bachelor, #Master or #Doctorate students in #Business or #Information_Technology get, upon request, a degree from Azteca Uni. after they finish the program successfully.

Certificate of Accreditation

Universidad Azteca European Programmes – Programme Accreditation Council has examined the documents, curricula and syllabus presented and hereby certifies that Level 6 EQF Bachelor, Level 7 EQF Master and Level 8 EQF Doctor programmes of Institut Avrio de Genève are accredited and validated for credit transfer to the university by the Programme Accreditation Council as aligned in credits to the Mexican Qualifications and Credit Framework (MMC) and the Programme Accreditation Council affirms the comparability in standards and quality to the Bachelor, Master and Doctor programmes offered by Universidad Azteca for the university own degrees awarded by Universidad Azteca in its name acc. to Article 59 of the Mexican General Law of Education. (Check the Certificate)

UCN – Central University of Nicaragua

All #Avrio Institute students who study #Master or #Doctorate in #Business or #Information_Technology get, upon request, a degree from UCN University after they finish the program successfully.

Postgraduate Programme Validation

Institut Avrio de Genève programmes and awards certified for transfer of credits to UCN:

Universidad Central de Nicaragua UCN Business School Programme Certification and Validation Board certifies the following approved Institut Avrio de Genève qualifications for the purpose of transfer of credits and admission to the respective official and recognised UCN university degree programme:

  • Level 7 Business Master Diploma as transfer credits to the UCN MBA Master en Administración de Empresas degree programme and award;
  • Level 7 Master in IT Diploma as transfer credits to the UCN MSc Master en Sistemas degree programme and award;
  • Level 8 Business Doctorate (DBA) Diploma as transfer credits to the UCN Dr. Doctor en Administración de Empresas degree programme and award;
  • Level 8 Doctorate in IT Diploma as transfer credits to the UCN Dr. Doctor en Sistemas degree programme and award.
  • Jointly: PhD in Managemen – Official Recognized PhD degree

The programmes have been certified as qualifications for top-up admission to the UCN programmes by recognition. Credits earned with Institut Avrio de Genève are fully recognised for admission and transfer to Universidad Central de Nicaragua UCN. (Check the Certificate). 


Ministry of Education

Translation of Information by Ministry of Education (Nicaragua)

Dear Sirs,

as requested by Universidad Central de Nicaragua (UCN) we hereby confirm that the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Nicaragua, in accordance with the valid legal framework of our country, is not in charge of neither approval nor supervision of the institutions of higher education, regardless, whether public or private.

In compliance with Law 89 “Law on the Autonomy of Institutions of Higher Education” of 5. April 1990, these functions are conferred by the National Council of Universities CNU.

Consequently, it is this organ of the state from which one must retrieve any information on the said university institutions.

National Council of Universities

Universidad Central de Nicaragua UCN is a fully recognised and autonomous university according to Nicaraguan higher education law with autonomous degree awarding powers at all academic levels of Carreras (professional graduate programmes) and postgraduate programmes (Specialist, Master, Doctor). listed by the CNU

CNU Confirmation

Translation of CNU Confirmation


The underwriting Technical Secretary of the National Council of Universities (CNU) herewith confirms, that the Universidad Central de Nicaragua (UCN) has been authorised by CNU, in the Session No. 10-98 dated 18. November 1998, and compliant with the Law Nr. 89, “Law on the Autonomy of Institutions of Higher Education”, it has been granted among other rights the following entitlements, to award: Certificates of Study, Statements of Studies, Confirmations, Diplomas and academic degrees, postgraduate degrees, Master and Doctor, as well as online education. Equally, to issue equivalencies of studies at the same level, conducted at other universities and higher education centres, nationally or abroad.It can establish relationships by means of conventions with academic, scientific and cultural entities with seat in the country of outside the country.

In compliance with the Law No. 89, it is an institution of higher education, legally established in the country, enjoying the full own juridical personality, regulated by the Political Constitution, the Laws and Decrees, related to the sub-system of higher education of the country.

Arturo Collado Maldonado
Technical Secretary
National Council of Universities

National Council for Evaluation and Accreditation

Universidad Central de Nicaragua UCN participates in the mandatory national quality assurance programme with CNEA the national Council of Evaluation and Quality Assurance.

Translation of the CNEA confirmation


This is to confirm that Universidad Central de Nicaragua (UCN) presented to the National Council of Evaluation and Accreditation of education on 8. Aug. 2013 its Project of Institutional Auto-Evaluation in compliance with the requirements of Law 704.

International Handbook of Universities

and World Higher Education Database

Universidad Central de Nicaragua UCN is a recognised university and an approved member of the IAU International Handbook of Universities. Member Institutions are universities or degree-conferring higher education institutions whose main objective is teaching and research.

The University is listed as recognised university by the International Handbook of Recognised Universities  (World Higher Education Database WHED, “AIU-UNESCO list”): WHED number IAU-017332.

Universidad Central de Nicaragua UCN is an accredited member of CONIES-ICHE Board of Accreditation and the postgraduate trans-national collaborative online programmes of UCN are accredited by CONIES-ICHE Board of Accreditation.



Programmes accredited by
CONIES-ICHE Board of Accreditation

CONIES-ICHE Board of Accreditation validates and accredits the postgraduate qualifications and programmes

  1. UCN (EQF Level 7) Master as accredited Master (MBA, MSc) degree programme;
  2. UCN (EQF Level 8) Doctor as accredited Doctor (Dr.) degree programme, in Management and Business Administration, Economics and Social Sciences, Psychology, Education, International Relations and Law, Health Sciences, Environmental Sciences.

The programme accreditation includes online distance education delivery. The transnational programmes have been accredited as stand-alone and as a collaborative provision with partner universities. UCN programmes are accredited as bona-fide postgraduate programmes meeting the CONIES-ICHE Board of Accreditation standards. Universidad Central de Nicaragua UCN is a fully autonomous recognised university enjoying the rights and degree awarding powers listed under WHED number IAU-017332. UCN is approved by CNU, quality assurance audited by CNEA by law, awarded autonomy status by Charter Act of Parliament and Decree of the President. The accredited programmes and degrees are provided acc. Art. 7 and 9 Law 89 on the Autonomy of Higher Education Institutions and fully recogised by law; and in accordance with § 27 Act on Quality Assurance in Higher Education of the previous approval for provision in Austria by Quality Assurance and Accreditation Agency AQ Austria. CONIES-ICHE Board of Accreditation is recognised by the Founding member universities of CONIES Confederación Internacional de Educación Súperior and not endorsed or recognised by any government agency or public accreditation body. The Board is acting in full independence from the founding member universities and the autonomy is reflected in the development of its assessment functions.

Certificate no.: CONIES-BOA-UCN-04112020

Accreditation period: 04.11.2020 – 04.11.2025– Extension Period: 18.01.2022 – 18.01.2027

CONIES-ICHE, founded at Conference in 2012 by international member Universities is devoted globally to enhancement of quality assurance in collaborative and transnational provision of postgraduate Master and Doctor programmes of recognised and authorised universities with degree awarding authority. The CONIES-ICHE Board of Accreditation does not accredit undergraduate programmes subject to regulatory authorities. CONIES Council on International Higher Education Supervision LLC. Delaware State File Number: 4154700.

Anglia Ruskin University


Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) is in East Anglia, United Kingdom. Its origins are in the Cambridge School of Art, founded by William John Beamont in 1858. It became a university in 1992 and was renamed after John Ruskin in 2005. It is one of the “post-1992 universities”.

Anglia Ruskin has 39,400 students worldwide with campuses in Cambridge, Chelmsford, Peterborough and London. It shares further campuses with the College of West Anglia in King's Lynn, Wisbech, and Cambridge and has partnerships with universities around the world including Berlin, Budapest, Trinidad, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur. There are four faculties of study at the university: Faculty of Business and Law, Faculty of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences, Faculty of Health, Education, Medicine & Social Care and Faculty of Science & Engineering. The university's Lord Ashcroft International Business School (LAIBS) in Cambridge and Chelmsford is one of the largest business schools in the East of England. In 2019, the School of Medicine was formally opened at its Chelmsford campus by Prince Edward, Duke of Kent. It was awarded the Entrepreneurial University of the Year in the 2014 Times Higher Education Awards. It won the Duke of York Award for University Entrepreneurship at the Lloyds Bank National Business Awards 2016.

In cooperation and through our partners in the United Kingdom, our bachelor’s and master’s students can study jointly at our institute and at the University. So, that they study part of their program with Avrio Institute and the other part with the mentioned university, and upon successful completion of the study, the student gets a dual award. The first one is issued by Avrio Institute (BBA/or/MBA “in the specialization”) and the second one is issued by the University (BA/or/MBA). (Sample Degrees)

Partner University Qualifications

On completion of the final assignments, the students of ofqaual program are awarded a recognized Diploma qualification. This Diploma can be used at a variety of UK universities, either on-campus or by distance learning. All of the academic modules offered by Avrio Institute are Ofqual approved and universities will generally accept the credits awarded to students.

Each University will consider an application on its merits subject to its own specific entry requirements. Graduating Avrio Institute students can progress onto a University program either to join at Undergraduate entry-level, usually on completion of a Level 3 program, or onto a “top-up” Degree, depending on the level of their completed Ofqual program. Generally, Level 3 is Undergraduate entry, Level 4 first year Degree, Level 5 second year Degree, Level 6 Graduate level, and Level 7 Post Graduate level. (Please check out the top-up possibilities)

Avrio Institute works harder to achieve more qualifications for education

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