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Duration: One Year

Credits: 60

Study Language: English

Transfer Credits: Available

Study Methods:

Starting Date: Next Week

Institut Avrio de Genève’s Executive master’s in leadership and Team Management interlaces with your present proficient and individual encounters €“ your activity, cooperation, classes and individual life. At the point when you decide to partake in this online program, it relies upon your ability and duty. What your authority advancement resembles relies upon your own objectives and desires. This distance program is essential and is exceptionally supported as it empowers you to turn into the pioneer you want to be.


We want to assist you with bettering lead individuals and associations in an ever-changing and complex worldwide condition. Custom fitted and customized to your needs, Leadership and Team Management has set certain fundamental objectives: to enable you to learn, develop and build up your individual limit as a pioneer, regardless of what capacity, industry or current job you have or want. We think understanding your gifts and perceiving lacking regions that may require supporting sets the establishment to assist you with accomplishing your profession and individual objectives.


The procedure of official training is comprehensive and connects with you in self-reflection and self-understanding as you address questions and find new thoughts and points of view. It will frequently start with an examination of the information you have about yourself, including your qualities, shortcomings, helpers and qualities.

Your official mentor will be a “thinking accomplice” and sounding board with whom you will have discourse through the span of five meetings. They will work together with you in an intriguing and inventive procedure to boost your own and expert potential.

You will be coached in digital transformation, General management, Information management and Personal & leadership development program. This diploma equips students with the necessary qualities to pursue a profession as a career analyst, training and development manager, chief executive officer, or an operations analyst.

Program Summary

Executive MBA Study Program
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