Duration: Three Years

Credits: 180

Study Language: English

Transfer Credits: Available

Study Methods:

Starting Date: Next Week

The BBA in e-Commerce & e-Business is a 3-year program offered in Institut Avrio de Genève for the students who are seeking quality education for further studies or a successful professional career.

E-Commerce is the future of business. The trend of promoting the business to sell products and services has shifted to the online world. Students can pursue a proper career in this field by completing their online Bachelor E-Commerce & e-Business from a reputable institute.

Students enrolled in this eLearning diploma can get the knowledge about the following management principles:

  • How e-Commerce works
  • Ways to devise a good e-Commerce strategy
  • How to perform risk assessment and adopt measures to avoid risk.


E-Commerce and e-Business is a completely different dimension in the world of modern business. Students who are well-equipped with the knowledge of e-Commerce must opt for this virtual study.

Various career options are open to those students who complete their BBA program. These job positions include IT manager, supply chain manager, project manager, etc.


The Bachelor program in the Specialization of e-Commerce & e-Business holds a significant worth in the modern-day world. Students who opt for Switzerland to complete their diploma get better education facilities and knowledge regarding their respective field. Better knowledge leads to a better professional career.

Program Summary

Bachelor Study Program
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