Duration: Two Years

Credits: 120

Study Language: English

Transfer Credits: Available

Starting Date: Next Week

Dual Award: Available

PhD with Azteca University

Thesis: Required

Method: Research-Based

Only Research Modules are required!

Thesis Language: English

Possible: in French, German, Spanish & Arabic

Institut Avrio de Genève‘s Doctorate in Sales and Marketing is one of the most acclaimed programs across the globe. Our distance education program overlooks and publishes innovative and novel research. Our online doctorate requires completed academic work while the rest of the duration will be spent on finishing up your final dissertation project. We are looking for candidates with a strong forte, preferably a master’s diploma in a relevant field with outstanding grades and research publications in your record.

Swiss-British education at this professional level is interested in the implementation and formulation of various marketing and sales strategies both at domestic and international levels. Our virtual study doctorate requires individuals with the reasoning and research skills to research and analyze existing problems within the domain of sales and marketing. Once analyzed we are looking for strategists who can offer the world sustainable solutions. You will spend time in reading groups, seminars, workshops and will be provided with a competitive and healthy environment where the latest and traditionalist research methodologies and techniques will be removed as well as theoretical frameworks.

Our Swiss diploma offers you the platform to exhibit your prowess. During the program you will have access to the institute’s incredible and endless online resources and archives. You will additionally be under the tutelage of the world’s best thinkers and academics. Once you commence with your final project you will be provided a supervisor who will guide, mentor and aid you through the process. You will be mentored in producing useful contributions and novel research worth publishing in peer reviewed research journals. Such contributions will pave the way for public policy makers, business practitioners and researchers across the globe.

This doctoral provides you with multiple job options such as a market researcher, advertising director, or a public relations officer within the public, private or some government arenas. Studying with us will connect you with our regional, and international links including organizations. Study from the comfort of your home space while you acquire world class knowledge. Acquiring your diploma online provides you the advantage of lower responsibility and lower costs.

Program Summary

Management D.Phil. Study Program
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