Duration: Three Years

Credits: 180

Study Language: English

Transfer Credits: Available

Study Methods:

Starting Date: Next Week

Students can opt for this 3-year Online BBA program that offered by Institut Avrio de Genève gives the students an opportunity to learn distantly and virtually, eLearning, all the basics of business administration.
This program develops the following skills in the students:

  • What sectors are covered in business administration
  • How to form a management hierarchy
  • What risks and challenges are associated with business administration?

Businesses and management studies are very required in the modern-day world. New businesses are emerging each day. This diploma instils the decision-making ability in the students. Having this program in your educational career can prove to be an incredibly positive addition to your CV. Companies and leading firms always seek professionals with sound leadership qualities. This course teaches how to be a good leader and how to manage tasks effectively. Students should opt for this diploma if they believe that they are good at administrative tasks.

The accounting and finance sector, generally, in Switzerland is extremely popular around the world. You might have heard about the Swiss Banks. If you have completed your diploma from Institut Avrio de Genève, you would surely get quality education along with good exposure. You can pursue your career in the business administration sector in Switzerland as well as other countries.

Program Summary

Bachelor Study Program
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