Duration: One Year

Credits: 60

Study Language: English

Transfer Credits: Available

Study Methods:

Starting Date: Next Week

Institut Avrio de Genève’s Executive master’s in strategic management is a program vital to the business administration domain for it is intended to propel business for the executives and to provide their organization with showcasing aptitudes, information and insight. This is an adaptable, expertly created and planned online program, with study materials and substance composed, arranged and delivered by world-driving specialists.


This diploma gives a wide-extending handy arranged perspective on the business and business condition, covering significant subjects with an attention on management and its strategic application in an enterprise


This virtual study program centers around key administration and arrangement, worldwide financial aspects, and business funding – it has its eyes on subjects required by and suitable for present or future ranking directors, administrators or organization/division pioneers; the Program gets done with study and expert learning of the center business. The distance program focuses on the following aspects:

  • The executives Hypothesis and Logical Administration
  • Structure, Control, Frameworks Hypothesis
  • Persuasive Speculations and Brain science
  • Initiative Speculations, Gatherings and Groups
  • Key Administration and Business Condition
  • Overseeing Change, Culture, Learning Associations
  • Corporate and Social Obligation, Morals, Strategic,
  • Correspondence Hypothesis, Mentalities, Models

It is a propelled premium counseling and instruction program for the individuals who need to acquire present day executives aptitudes. You will soon be equipped with remarkable skill in Business Procedure and Vital Administration. This executive diploma ensures the greatness of our graduates and their expertise is of a matchless quality. It believes in the necessity of providing adequate information in these must-have territories of present-day business.

Significant information and esteemed EMBA diploma presented by our Avrio institute in Geneva ensures your organization, profession and salary development. It is the best decision for top directors and entrepreneurs.

Program Summary

Executive MBA Study Program
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