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Institut Avrio de Genève is a Business, Management, Information Technology and Languages Institution dedicated to preparing students for careers of the global entrepreneurship, in a manner that is unique. We offer programs that will educate the leaders of our future for the required skills and confidence, employing them in international experiences and connecting them with the best entrepreneurial affairs in Switzerland and other partnering countries.

Quality of Teaching

Very Qualified Academics will be taking care of your study and your thesis.

Swiss-UK Education Quality

With our UK-Partners, you get the Swiss Quality with a UK Curriculum accredited by Ofqual.

Joint Swiss/UK Programs

Joint Business program graduates, in addition to Avrio Diploma, receive an Ofqual Diploma or ARU Degree

Employment Opportunities

Upon graduation, your chance of getting a better job/position will be increased with a Diploma from Switzerland

Affordable Fees

All fees were carefully set so that student can pay the fees with no need to borrow

Help to stop the spread of Covid-19

Study remotely & keep your distance to stay you and your beloved safe

Learn everywhere on device

Anytime Anywhere, a connected device is all what you need.

A support team 7/7 for you

We do provide support to handle your questions via email, phone, chat & social-media channels.

Dual EU/Americas Degree

All students have the possibility to graduate with a degree that is issued by an accredited partner university

Easier to learning!

A mother, father, employer, employee, or Unemployed, study remotely to get a better tomorrow.

Scholarships for students

Avrio institute du Geneva offers various scholarships, (Covid-19 scholarship is available now)