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Remote Study Methods

No matter which method you choose, you will receive the same high-quality education.
Today's Learners - Tomorrow's Leaders
Institut Avrio de Genève

We at the institute do care about your needs and appreciate your potential. So, for these reasons and others, we have worked to provide all the solutions and capabilities available to us that will help you take a new step toward a better tomorrow.

The Institute offers four different remote learning methods to cater to your specific learning requirements. These methods are:

1st method – eLearning - Online Self-Study Program 1

This method is the regular and the default method2 that is offered at Avrio Institute. With this method, The self-study method, you have the flexibility to learn at your own pace and convenience. Study materials, resources, and learning modules are made available to you, allowing you to independently progress through the course. This method is ideal for all students, especially for those who prefer a more autonomous learning experience and have the discipline to manage their own study schedules.

This method aims to provide opportunities for self-development in relation to career enhancement and as life-long learners. The program offers students the opportunity to develop their own capabilities, skills, and competencies within a supported environment.

The distance learning study program has an asynchronous design aiming at the transfer and acquisition of knowledge at a high level of independent self-study and research. The opportunity for networking collaboration via the eLearning platform of the Institute provides practical integration for the participants of the program, resulting in high-end studies and/or theses.

All you need is that any device with a screen allows you to access our eLearning platform. You also need a fairly acceptable internet speed, especially for the exams and Defense, if applicable.

On our ePlatform you can find all materials to read and/or to download with a possibility3 to watch recorded lectures.

The student may request individual tutoring at any time from any module. 

Intakes and Timetable

This method allows any student to start at any time using any device from anywhere. 

Admission deadline

The admission deadline for this program is open during the year.

2nd method – The Distance Education or Correspondence Studies 4

This method of study is the oldest way to study remotely, and also is the easiest way for those who travel a lot or their work prevents them from accessing the Internet on a daily basis, or that their internet is very slow. 

Here, the course materials and assessments are delivered to you via mail or other means of communication. You can complete assignments and exams remotely and submit them back to the Institute. This method caters to individuals who may not have access to real-time classes or prefer a more traditional learning approach with communication through written correspondence.

Avrio institute sends you all materials to the chosen address, and you can study without any e-device or internet connection.

In this case, the students may have to pass the written assignments instead of exams  

Intakes and Timetable

This method allows any student to start at any time using any device from anywhere. 

Admission deadline

The admission deadline for this program is open during the year.

3rd Method – Virtual Education 5

This method involves live and interactive sessions. In this approach, you will attend real-time classes conducted by experienced instructors or subject matter experts. These sessions provide a dynamic learning environment where you can actively engage with the course content, ask questions, participate in discussions, and collaborate with fellow learners. This method is well-suited for those who thrive in a structured, interactive learning setting and seek immediate clarification from instructors. An additional fee is applicable.

A student gets all educational services we do offer for the eLearning program, plus live lectures, and seminars (if applicable). Also, the student can meet the teachers during the lectures.

This program required a good internet connection and an eDevice with a big screen (8 inches or more), also the student will have to attend the live lectures at a certain time. However, if the students couldn’t attend the live lecture, they can find them in the recorded lecture sections.

Intakes and Timetable

There are three intakes every year which take place in February, June, and October.

Admission deadline

The admission deadline for this program is open during the year. However, one and a half months before the coming intake the admission will be closed. For example: To start in June your admission process has to be done before March 15th.

4th method – Blended Learning 6

In addition to the aforementioned methods, we also offer blended learning. Blended learning combines aspects of both traditional face-to-face instruction and online learning. With this approach, you have the opportunity to attend live lectures on campus, in Geneva, benefit from in-person interactions with instructors and peers, and immerse yourself in a physical learning environment. However, please note that blended learning comes with an additional fee, and it is typically available during specific periods, such as in September. This method is ideal for learners who value the benefits of both online flexibility and the advantages of in-person instruction.


All three methods of the study mentioned above have the same materials of study, the same diploma, and the transcript as well. The only difference is the way of the study. However, for those students who participated in the blended weeks, their transcript and diploma supplement, if applicable, will be mentioned that the study program is blended learning (“On-campus” and “Distance, eLearning or Virtual”).

Also, this program helps them by shorting the duration of the course. Because the students who attend this blended program will be taught 2-3 modules within 2-3 weeks. That means they can finish the academic year within 9-10 months instead of 12 months.


There is no special intake for this method of study. However, while the students are applying, they have to mention that they are applying for the blended weeks as well.

The blended weeks take place in May and September. Also, the admission deadline for this program is open during the year. However, five months before the coming intake the admission will be closed, as below:

  • To attend in June your admission process has to be done before March 1st.
  • To attend in September your admission process has to be done before April 30th.

Can I apply for blended learning after I start studying?
The answer is yes. However, there is no guarantee to get accepted as this program has a limit that must be exceeded in order to create the course, and a number must not be exceeded so that the students can absorb all the information that will be given to them in a short time.

Examination date

It depends on the main program

*The Basic and fundmental fees you see on the fees page or the study program page belongs to this study method.
** An additional fee is applicable.
1. This program is a distance semi-autodidacticism program, which means that the student, upon request & with an additional fee., may have a one-to-one lecture of all modules or one Lecture based on the student’s needs.
2. The Basic and fundmental fees you find on the study program pages and in the fees page belong to this method of study, and accordingly, any other study method has an additional fee that you find on the fees page
3. If the matter requires watching some recorded lectures, this might be permitted after consultation with the teachers and approval of the administration and with additional fees.
4. Check #3
5. Recommended for undergraduates if they can bear the fee and have time to attend all lecures and seminars.
6.1. Due to COVID-19, the program might be canceled without any prior notice.
6.2. For those students who must obtain a Visa in order to enter Switzerland, they may like to know that we do not help in the visa matter in any case. So, those students will have to take care of this matter by themselves from A to Z. However, we do help is being offered at the airport door, and during their stay in Switzerland until they get back to the airport.

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