Duration: One Year

Credits: 60

Study Language: English

Transfer Credits: Available

Study Methods:

Starting Date: Next Week

Geneva Institute’s Executive master’s in supply chain management centers around creating professionals who wish to seek perfection in this online vocation. This is a serious practical diploma with hands-on experience and one on one career counseling.


You will be required to work with our employees to make new information and data inside this field including production network issues and elements, store network fund, security of the production network, and stock administration. We anticipate that you should lead exploration in global and national inventory chains, and what geological, social and policy driven issues associations and worldwide organizations need to manage. You should think of novel research thoughts and seek after them with your companion colleagues.


Avrio education and training targets setting up its understudies for top notch standard controls inside store network the executives. You will be relied upon to concentrate on making and scattering interesting exploration specifying issues managed by merchants, producers, providers, wholesalers and retailers. This program is a mix of hypothetical systems both new and old and research techniques both quantitative and subjective. We are keen on the data stream and money related moves through the production network also. Coordination’s, circulation of the executives and tasks the board are of central interests to us. Appreciate getting such an instruction inside the solace of your home. Furnished with this diploma you can make sure about a stable situation inside calculated consultancies and gatherings as a vital organizer.

Program Summary

Executive MBA Study Program
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