Duration: One Year

Credits: 60

Study Language: English

Transfer Credits: Available

Study Methods:

Starting Date: Next Week

The Executive Master of Business Administration program offered by Avrio institute in Geneva has been specifically designed for individuals who are stuck in their careers and require a push and a new academic outlet. This master’s program is for those who are in the mid-career of entrepreneurs, managers or analysts looking for challenges and wishing to influence companies with their productive insights. As well as for those who run their business without any knowledge in this field.


Our candidates can bring in their profuse work experience and professional understanding into this distance program. Our British curriculum has been tailored and designed to provide our students with an online program that not only caters to depth but also the vastness of the domain. The courses offered are customized and detail advanced levels to keep our much-experienced managers occupied and up to date with international learning. This strategy aids our masters students in acquiring a comprehension of the details at a strategic and operational level within each focal area.


The aim of this EMBA program is to ensure that its candidates are ready and prepared for an extensive and competitive program. This virtual study masters offers its students the platform to:

  • Let its students prepare for a leadership position
  • To aid in accelerating their career
  • In giving them the opportunity to acquire management skills of an advanced level
  • To give them the opportunity to expand their opportunities, to acquire professional and critical skills to aid them in their career

Our students will be exposed to rigorous and demanding academic work that will shape their professional ethics as well as their workspace attitude. This master’s program will ensure candidates learn communication skills, negotiation skills, leadership skills, networking techniques, and how to navigate real life plans and projects within the business world. This diploma will provide you with the integrity and chance to be promoted for a career within finance, accounting or marketing. The networking opportunities will further your career as well. Studying online will provide you the perfect chance to study at your own leisure at your own time while you juggle a job on the sides.

Program Summary

Executive MBA Study Program
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