Duration: One and a Half Years

Credits: 60

Study Language: English

Transfer Credits: Available

Study Methods:

Starting Date: Next Week

Thesis: Required

Thesis Language: English

Possible: in French, German, Spanish & Arabic

One-Year MBA / 60 Credits / Without Thesis is Available

Institut Avrio de Genève’s MBA in Leadership & Team Management is an online diploma that enables the students to develop good leadership skills in them. These leadership skills help them in pursuing their job as well as starting their business ventures.


Avrio Institute does its best to bring out the qualities of leadership and management from the students. The Swiss quality system and the British education (Curriculum) which is well known around the world for its top-notch education quality. The British curriculum adopted for the distance diplomas in Avrio institute is quite relevant to modern business trends. Students from around the world wish to study at an educational institution in Switzerland, especially Geneva, for their master-level education. This not only improves their CV but also adds immeasurable knowledge to their learning.


All businesses need some quality management and leadership professionals to handle all the tasks of team management. Employees are considered the index of a company’s success. The entire structure of an organization is dependent on teams working on various projects. These teams collectively help the firm achieve its goals. However, some good leadership skills are required to handle all these tasks effectively.

You can add more worth to your CV through this diploma. By having the tag of an MBA in Leadership & Team Management in your CV, you can grab the attention of top recruiters while applying for jobs. You would be considered among those graduates who have proper knowledge of the ways to lead a company. You can get good responses from top-ranked companies as well. Every company desire to have leaders who can lead and manage the entire workforce. Whether it is a small company with a few employees or a large organization with thousands of employees, you can apply for these job posts due to your immense knowledge gained from the diploma of MBA in Leadership & Team Management.

At the end of this diploma, you would be able to manage a team or an organization. All the techniques and leadership principles can be practiced in various firms by the students. This diploma can ensure a good start for your leadership career.

Program Summary

Master Study Program
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