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Virtual Evening Courses


The virtual evening study method allows all employed students to study in order to gain additional professional qualifications and to develop their skills without compromising their busy lifestyle. Also, it is an ideal method for people who prefer to study after regular working hours due to their social conditions of life, especially parents and even grandparents, who take care of their young children.

Calm in the evening

The evening virtual study gives you the possibility to focus more on studying through your ability to control your communication with the people and things around you. At the Evening, there are no business meetings, no phones to answer, no emails to reply, no text messages, or WhatsApp or something else that breaks your focus on the study, and therefore in the evening many people find that they can focus more, and This is what the student needs to better understand and understand the subject of the study, and thus the ability to study and the result will be much better as there is no distraction.

A Better Tomorrow

Evening study is usually chosen by those people who are looking forward to get a better tomorrow, without leaving and destroying what they have in their hand today, especially to obtain a higher and better professional appreciation in their current work or that work they aspire to obtain after their graduation, by developing the related skills to their current field of work or in the future. Therefore, even though the virtual evening study may make your daily schedule fully booked, it is worth it because of the capabilities it offers to move forward in your career more quickly, which in turn increases your confidence and enhances your presence wherever you are. Today you invest in time, to make a better tomorrow.

Expand Your Public Relations

The virtual evening study provides an opportunity for you and your colleagues, to exchange professional and academic experiences, with a group of current leaders or who is joining the group in the near future from all over the world.

The most important advantage of the virtual evening study is that it makes you meet people who mostly have the same social and practical life and conditions, and for this, all of you chose to go for the evening study. That is what helps you to develop and expand your public relations, which is one of the most important pillars of the business world nowadays, which opens up new horizons for you to grow your business without traveling and visiting all of these countries in order to be make public relations wider with today and tomorrow leaders.

The public relation helps you at increasing the activity of the company you work for, or that you aspire to be work for. Your International Public Relations for sure will increase your CV value and hiring you will be a goal for many employers around the world.

Financial & Social Benefits

The virtual evening study allows students to continue their daily work and social life during the day and take advantage of their time in the evening to obtain a diploma upon graduation.

Although working in the morning and studying in the evening is difficult enough and increases your obligations, in reality, the students can, through the morning work, fund their study in the evening.

Timing is Everything

Before we finish, you may ask to know at what time are the lectures delivered? Also, what is the duration of the program?

In fact, the period of study is only one year, after that year the student becomes free to work on the thesis. However, for the bachelor’s level, the duration is three years.

Regarding the timing of the lectures delivering, which is usually 8 pm CET (Swiss Time). However, when it is 7 pm in Switzerland, it might be in the morning or noon in your country! That is why we at the Institut Avrio de Genève take into our consideration this issue, and therefore the virtual study has been designed as below:

All lectures, during the working days, will be delivered at 19:00 Swiss time, which means it will be 13:00 in Washington, D.C. in the USA, and 04:00 (+one day) in Sydney in Australia.

However, as a good solution, as much as possible, there will be another timing for the lectures so that most students can attend the live lectures. These timings will be either 20:00 Washington time or 22:00 Sydney time, and when necessary, the three timings will be observed.

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