Duration: One and a Half Years

Credits: 60

Study Language: English

Transfer Credits: Available

Study Methods:

Starting Date: Next Week

Thesis: Required

Thesis Language: English

Possible: in French, German, Spanish & Arabic

One-Year MBA / 60 Credits / Without Thesis is Available

Institut Avrio de Genève’s Masters in eMarketing & eBusiness (Digital Marketing) has gained immense popularity in the modern business world. Businesses are focused on improving their online presence. Millions of users are present online and digital marketing comes into play while targeting such an audience.


MBA in eMarketing & eBusiness is a distance diploma that teaches the students the advanced level knowledge about eMarketing & eBusiness. The curriculum of this diploma is defined in order to prepare the students for the online business marketing job. Whether it is a bachelor’s diploma or a master’s level diploma in business administration, Swiss quality system with British education (Curriculum) are well-suited to the modern educational requirements. The facilities they provide to the students and the profound knowledge of the current industry trends are the factors that set them apart.


The skills of online marketing and leadership are developed through practical as well as theoretical concepts taught in this 1.5 year-long, regular duration, MBA diploma. The graduates who complete this diploma can serve in firms offering them services like devising a good online marketing strategy, bringing necessary improvements to the current marketing strategy, and performing accounting for the Digital Marketing business.

Companies seeking online marketing professionals would be keen to hire you if you have done an MBA in eMarketing & eBusiness. Your CV would be the subject of interest for businesses that offer their services mainly through online channels.

MBA diploma graduates can serve on various managerial posts around the world. They can apply for the positions of IT managers, supply chain managers, project managers, and business consultants as well. Most of the businesses are online-based and the scope of this diploma is ever-growing.

The worth of MBA graduates depends upon the knowledge they gain from their MBA diploma and the institute they opt for. Choosing a Swiss quality system with British education (Curriculum) for your MBA diploma can add to your worth in the world of business administration. Whether it is about the marketing of a physical business or the business with an online presence, at Avrio Institute you will be taught the right skills to help such businesses grow.

Program Summary

Master Study Program
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