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Online Master in Information Technology

Master in IT and Computing

Institut Avrio de Genève’s Masters in IT and Computing is both for students with a background in computing and those who wish to acquire knowledge regarding this domain without a background in it. This eLearning program is for those who wish to broaden their knowledge further regarding computing and information technology. 

Master in IT and E-commerce

Institut Avrio de Genève’s Master in IT and e-commerce has been constructed keeping in mind students who wish to develop their skills within the discipline of web related business solutions. This diploma will provide you with the necessary basic training in software engineering, programming and database technologies. As the eLearning diploma progresses students will be expected to work together as a team and to come up with organizational solutions for clients.

Master in IT and Networking

Institut Avrio de Genève’s Master in IT and Networking allows exceptional students to hone their competitive skills by acquiring techniques within the domain of system administration and networking. In lieu of the rapidly growing industry demands, our eLearning program has been developed to maintain a contemporary course. Currently at the specialized level we offer hands on experience with riverbed Networking, Microsoft and Cisco technology.

Master in IT and Web Design

Institut Avrio de Genève’s Master in IT and Web Design is a program that provides its students with in-depth knowledge of the principles and practices of Web Design. This eLearning program provides its students with the required knowledge and skills necessary to establish a successful career as a web designer or developer. Students will be taught how to design, analyse and launch websites that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also utilitarian and user friendly. Here you will learn how to create interactive web and mobile applications that provide solutions to contemporary business problems. 

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