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Duration: Two Years

Credits: 120

Study Language: English

Transfer Credits: Available

Starting Date: Next Week

Dual Award: Available

PhD with Azteca University

Thesis: Required

Method: Research-Based

Only Research Modules are required!

Thesis Language: English

Possible: in French, German, Spanish & Arabic

Institut Avrio de Genève‘s Doctorate in Accounting and Finance focuses on the following but not limited to subjects:

  • Financial reporting,
  • Auditing,
  • Public sector accounting,
  • Sustainable accounting,
  • Applied financial econometrics,
  • and Empirical financing.

We are looking for applicants with a relevant masters or research diploma in accounting, finance or an associated subject. This diploma is awarded in recognition of successful completion of coursework and an original dissertation. Applicants must be equipped with novel ideas and an acute sense of critical judgement and provide considerable addition to the existing knowledge in the domain.

Your Doctorate coursework will revolve around research methodology and theoretical frameworks. Our virtual study program offers insight and unending resources on topics including microfinancing, performance analysis, and international finance. This program requires students to participate in workshops, readings, and taught courses in addition to curating their final thesis projects. You will eventually be assigned a supervisor who will guide, mentor and aid you through your final project and will hone your skills for publishing in peer reviewed journals.

This distance education program offers you a blend of traditionalist approaches and contemporary methods in tackling your academic work. You will be expected to produce a novel idea and generate quality research that not only solves a trending problem but is also sustainable and long lasting. Our mission statement is to

  • provide intensive research training to our students
  • to aid them in developing into top quality researchers and academics specialized in accounting and finance.
  • To aid them in gaining theoretical foundations of accounting, finance and accountability and able to apply them to real world problems.

Studying at Institut Avrio de Genève will equip you with the necessary skills to gain a leading position in the business and management domain. You will be expected to investigate relationships within institutions and accounting firms. Research here focuses on burgeoning enterprises, innovative developments, and developing communities. Studying with us will provide you the edge of working together with international experts who will help shape your academic thought. You can expect to be provided a strengthened social position, gain respect and a valued doctoral research diploma.

Access our program and benefit from the online resources and guidance we provide you from the comfort of your home. Save up on travelling costs and stay close to your loved ones while you acquire considerable knowledge online. Further career prospects include management consultancy within retail organizations and manufacturing companies as well as within the financial sector. Students can opt for further training if they wish to and if it is authorized by their supervisor to specialize further during the duration of this Swiss diploma.

Program Summary

Management D.Phil. Study Program
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