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Duration: 18-24 Months

Credits: 90

Study Language: English

Transfer Credits: Available

Study Methods:

Dual Award: Available

DBA with Azteca University

Starting Date: Next Week

Thesis: Required

Thesis Language: English

Possible: in French, German, Spanish & Arabic

The Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) in Public Relations & Communication Management is the highest level of education available to ambitious and practical professionals in addressing issues, protecting the client’s reputation, and building them up in the public eye, who seek to influence the Business and Management market from the practical aspect.

The Online Doctorate in Communication and Public Relations offers students a streamlined track of rigorous training, concrete theory, and advanced research. The program permits students to acquire a concise and clear comprehension of the coursework exploring methods of communication and public relations research. This program equips students with the ability to be able to comprehend public relations and their advertisement and operations.

The module has been carefully tailored to bring about the best and concise curriculum for a three-year Doctorate program. The Distance and eLearning courses include a general overview of the literature available on public communications and public relations. Additionally, the courses will give a side overview of politics, ethics, and international business law

Avrio Institute, in collaboration with its partner Universities in the Americas and educational Institutions in the UK, offers a combination of coursework and a DBA dissertation that enhances the role of industry-based research that provides managers, professionals, and executives with advanced academic tools to increase the efficiency of their research skills and equip them with the tools to improve their performance in decision-making and planning.

In order for the candidate to benefit from the program as much as possible, the study program has been customized to suit your professional educational background without losing sight of what you aspire to reach. Therefore, in addition to the main regular DBA program, 18 majors are offered under the DBA program. The specialization means that you will have to study Public Relations & Communication Management subjects, in addition to the general subjects, and that your DBA dissertation has to be in the field of Public Relations & Communication Management. Taking into account that specialization does not mean “isolation”, but rather delving into the depth of an aspect of Public Relations & Communication Management, and how it affects and is affected by other aspects of the Businesses.

The distance study offers you the perfect choice to stay at home, juggle a job and education. Let education come to your doorstep. Our distance education program provides students with the opportunity to access unlimited resources. The faculty members are cooperative and exceptionally talented and professionals looking for commendable research. After a year of taught courses including workshops and seminars, students will have to pick a certain field to specialize in and focus their research project on.

Quantitative and qualitative researches are welcome here. Graduates may pursue academic and teaching positions at some international institutions or can pursue a career in the public or private sector. Here we provide you a supportive environment that surely leads you to a pathway of success to creating an improved society.

Through the Dual DBA qualification, candidates not only gain academic information and skills but also gain the competitive advantage by obtaining a European DBA and an American DBA makes them more in demand for work as they are more able to contribute effectively in the world of business and management.

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DBA Study Program
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