Duration: Two-Three Years

Credits: 120

Study Language: English

Transfer Credits: Available

Study Methods:

Starting Date: Next Week

Thesis: Required

Thesis Language: English

Possible: in French, German, Spanish & Arabic

Dual Award: Available

Dr.Sc. With Azteca University

Institut Avrio de Genève’s Doctorate in IT and e-commerce is a developing field which has the potential of granting graduates to modern companies and organizations. This eLearning diploma is a qualification that will aid you in establishing and developing a thriving and convincing career.

The coursework for this program is linked with assessing, identifying, developing and managing the various offshoots for e-commerce with relation to industries, some governments, businesses, non-profit and profit organizations.

This higher and further distance education program aims at instilling the skills and knowledge that graduates require to design and implement various computing strategies. Our aim is at developing these qualities and abilities that will cater to not only strategic aspects but also managerial aspects. This virtual education program will tackle the prominent trends relating to the contemporary issues such as:

  • The shift in marketing and sales towards the online domain
  • Analyse the increasing power of information technology and computing in these times
  • Inspecting the rise of offshoot online industries that consist of gaming and gambling
  • Employing information technologies and the internet to solidify ties between organizations and consumers

Acquiring a doctorate from Institut Avrio de Genève will have its perks of providing you with education at your doorstep. You will have the luxury of attaining a diploma but not having to go with the trouble of shifting places and adjusting to a new environment.

With this doctorate you can lead a prosperous career in designing and creating websites. You will have the possibility of developing, managing and implementing online marketing plans. Moreover, with your expertise you could acquire a secure job in electronic commerce. Additionally, a career in programming, database administration or web development could also be pursued.

Program Summary

IT D.Phil. Study Program
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