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Option 1) Recognition of Transfer Credits

For the learning that can be recognised by credentials and certificates of previously passed tests offer a much less complicated evaluation than is possible with portfolio validation of prior learning.

Candidates who have earned enough credits in prior course-work leading to any degree can transfer their degrees from a variety of sources into one degree awarded by Universidad Azteca in the Advanced Studies area.

This programme is different from the Professional Certification (Professional Studies) and the Validation of Prior Learning (Individual Studies) because it is based entirely on the recognition of transfer credits already earned at the postsecondary level.

Degree requirements for the Master of Advanced Studies or the MBA: At least a professional qualification at level 5 or 6 of the European Qualifications Framework as entry requirement, plus professional documented 60 ECTS credits earned.

Earn credit by Credit Transfer

Credits accepted through transfer by Universidad Azteca may come only from regionally accredited colleges and universities. The following include the college-level educational experiences that Universidad Azteca may accept for credit through transfer:

Accredited Colleges and Universities

Credits earned at a college or university that is accredited or a candidate for accreditation by an institutional accrediting body may be transferred to Universidad Azteca regardless of the number of institutions attended. Universidad Azteca does not transfer courses with no pass grades.

Students may be required to provide course descriptions, or a copy of the catalogue from the institution where the courses were taken, to enable course-by-course evaluations when determining if such courses can be accepted toward the degree requirements of Universidad Azteca degrees. If descriptions are needed, these should be requested from the registrar of the college(s) where the courses were completed. An official transcript from each institution to be evaluated must be submitted. Universidad Azteca will not accept credits listed as “transfer” on an institution’s transcript.

Universidad Azteca will accept credits from foreign colleges that are recognized by the educational authority of that country, and listed in one of the publications including recognized colleges and universities.

Acceptance of Credits from postgraduate Programmes

Universidad Azteca will accept credits of postgraduate work to apply to a programme.

Demonstration of Currency

Because of the rapid changes occurring in technological and business fields today, it is important for today’s college graduates to maintain up-to-date knowledge in their field. Therefore, it may be necessary for students to “demonstrate currency” in order to transfer credits previously earned at other accredited colleges and universities.

Demonstration of Currency refers to the transfer of credits. If the credits you wish to transfer to the University are over 10 years old at the time of application to the University, you will need to demonstrate currency for these courses. You can validate these transfer credits by completing an oral conference with a faculty consultant covering contemporary developments in the subject at hand. You must be enrolled in the University to complete this procedure.


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