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Dr. Univ. in Environmental Studies

What Is an Environmental Studies Degree?

Environmental Studies may be right for you. An Environmental Studies concentration is a special interdisciplinary major designed by an individual student in a unique programme.

Know more about the Doctor of the University
Environmental studies is a multidisciplinary academic field systematically studying human interaction with the environment aiming at the solution of complex problems. Environmental studies integrates the principles of sciences / technologies, commerce/ economics and social sciences addressing contemporary environmental problems. It is a wide field of study encompassing the natural environment, the built environment, and the relationships between them. The field encompasses study in basic principles of ecology and environmental science, as well as associated subjects such as ethics, geography, policy, law, economics, planning, pollution control and natural resource management.

Environmental Studies provides space for critical thinking and engaged enquiry within and across conventional disciplinary and professional boundaries, a place for intellectually curious, reflective, and highly self-directed students.

Professionals wishing to apply their college credits toward the completion of a degree in a specific field can do so in this programme, allowing students to transfer their completed college credits and professional qualifications to their degree programme. The rationale for environmental studies is to develop professionalism, develop awareness, enhance methodology and knowledge of the profession.

Universidad Azteca Environmental Studies is interdisciplinary in focus on postgraduate academic skills development in professional practice as defined by the Mexican and European Qualifications Framework (MMC, EQF) Level 7 (Masters Degree) and Level 8 (Doctoral Degree). Environmental Studies provides a space for critical thinking and engaged enquiry within and across conventional disciplinary and professional boundaries.

The Universidad Azteca degree in Environmental Studies is a postgraduate degree awarded in various disciplines and concentrations, interdisciplinary and tending to be focused toward meeting the needs of professionals rather than academics and tailored for specific groups of working professionals with well-defined needs for advanced degree coursework, conducting projects and writing papers in combination with student research for the advanced individual research degree.

These degree programmes offer flexible schedules with a diverse curriculum centered on technical and practical training, students are assisted to develop competence in subject knowledge, subject application, which will enable them to work effectively in the variety of contexts they will encounter during their careers.


TYPE: Universidad Azteca internal award, university own programme acc. Art. 59 General Law of Education.
LEVEL: Third cycle, level 8 MMC university own award.


AWARDING UNIVERSITY: Universidad Azteca, Chalco, Mexico.

UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT IN EUROPE: Universidad Azteca European Programmes.

TARGET GROUP: Doctoral students interested in credit transfer from doctoral study or Level 8 EQF courses in one of the following disciplines to Universidad Azteca pursuing the completion of the doctoral programme by thesis / professional doctorate examination.

SPECIALISATION: Advanced studies at level 8 MMC (EQF)


  • Environmental Policy
  • Environmental Technology
  • Environmental Management
  • Environmental Science

STUDY LANGUAGE: English, German, Spanish

ADMISSION REQUIREMENT: Master or equivalent degree and postgraduate coursework or qualifications for credit transfer to the programme or research experience.

Modality and Course Team

MODALITY: e-learning and distance education modality.
COURSE TEAM: Prof. Dr. Gerhard Berchtold, Prof. Dr. Friedrich Luhan, Prof. Dr. Ricardo Saavedra Hidalgo, Prof. Dr. Felipe Fernández Rivadulla, Prof. Dr. Endler.

Study Plan

Transfer credits – Elective coursesTest modeECTS
Environment and DevelopmentTerm Paper6
International Environmental Policy – UNEP & TreatiesTerm Paper6
EU Environmental Policy areas & EEATerm Paper6
Environmental Management ISO 14001 & EMASTerm Paper6
Waste ManagementTerm Paper6
Water ManagementTerm Paper6
Land Management, Urban Planning & ZoningTerm Paper6
Clean Production & Clean TechnologiesTerm Paper6
Global Warming & Climate ChangeTerm Paper6
Energy ManagementTerm Paper6
Marine Management & PollutionTerm Paper6
Electives from doctoral programme of Universidad AztecaAssignment / Credits Transfer36
Mandatory Science Module Test modeECTS
Research ProjectPresentation18
Thesis / Rigorosum Examination Test modeECTS
Thesis in the Specialisation (Major)Written thesis presentation and defense60
ECTSDefence / Rigorosum180

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