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Dottore in Scienze della Formazione (D.Ed.)

Registration according to § 27 HS-QSG
Doctoral studies in Educational Sciences
Doctor en Educación
Dissertation doctorate
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Legal basis

University course and university degree according to Art. 59 General Education Law at the Universidad Azteca

Study languages: Spanish, English, German

Modality: Distance learning (online) at Universidad Azteca

Number of participants: 5 – 15 per year for doctoral studies

The entire course can be completed online as a distance learning program. The classes of the years are carried out asynchronously, so that entry is possible all year round.

Admission: 240 ECTS credits from preliminary studies, bachelor’s studies, diploma studies, courses of a university nature, university courses, technical college courses, university courses, comparable vocational training and further education (national qualification levels). Additional ECTS points can be credited.

Scope: The course at the Universidad Azteca to become a Doctor in Education includes the compulsory subjects and the dissertation. For the successful completion of the course, 60 ECTS have to be completed in the form of courses with an examination character and a dissertation (120 ECTS) has to be written.

Type: University course and award of the degree under Article 59 of the General Law of Education of Mexico.

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Modality: Distance learning with face-to-face events and exams (graduation with a total of 180 ECTS). Face-to-face events in Austria in a blended learning modality.

Scientific director: Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. Gerhard Berchtold, HR Prof. Dr. Dr. Friedrich Luhan, Prof. Mag. Dr. Franz C. Pichler, Prof. Dr. Felipe Fernández Rivadulla In the modality “blended learning” with face-to-face events, courses with examination character are held at the Innsbruck and Wels locations.

Entry requirements: Masters degree or equivalent degree in Education or Pedagogy or Psychology

Programme duration: Official study time for the Doctor programme is three years (180 ECTS) for the online Doctor programme.

Regular duration programme:

  • Period of coursework: 60 ECTS in coursework.
  • Transfer: Master M.Ed.: 60 ECTS transfer to Doctor curriculum possible.
  • Research Period: 120 ECTS for Doctor Thesis

Degree options: Azteca University Doctor of Education (not schooled) official degree with RVOE (SEP) in Mexico1.

Dual degree programme option: Universidad Azteca D.Ed. plus UCN Universidad Central de Nicaragua PhD in Education

Programme modality: Online Doctor programme.

The D.Ed. curriculum consists of 180 ECTS credits of postgraduate study, offered as modular fashion. D.Ed.-candidates in the programme complete the required modules/courses (60 ECTS credits), plus a
final Thesis/Dissertation (120 ECTS credits) all of these focused on a specific field of education.

Official Recognition of Validity of Studies (Programme Accreditation) (RVOE) by S.E.P: Agreement No. 20123081 dated December 14, 2012 (online)

Programmatic Accreditation by Quality Assurance Commission UK, a UK HESA registered Accreditation Body.

Level: Postgraduate / Doctorate

Objectives of the Programme

The Alumnus of the Doctorate in Education will apply the methodology and the principles of education research and contemporary pedagogy and didactics in the solution of the most actual problems in the field of education, taking into account the intrinsic and dynamic interaction between the experiences of everyday practice and the different advances educational theories and approaches, with the objective to contribute to the professional conduct by means of scientific research activity.

Graduate Profile

The graduate of the Doctor in Education will be prepared for the new education paradigma challenges, based in the fact that one of the major criteria for solution of the problems in education in the actuality of its scientific research. He/she is a professional performing in the field of education with responsibility, assuming the commitment to educate as a decision on its own form of life. Possess full knowledge of the fundamental principles of pedagogy as a science, and of the methodology of education research, focusing on design and instrumentation of a process of student-centered learning. An innovator, convinced of the necessity of developing competence in the learner, enabling him/her to develop in the world around them with a high sense of ethics and humanism to preserve the major cultural values that mankind has accumulated.


Tuitions vary by the single or dual degree options. For applicable tuitions, please, see the tuitions sheet of the study programmes of Universidad Azteca European Programmes.

Tuitions are due in full with enrolment for the complete programme.

Refund policy

Tuitions are due in full with enrolment. Once the programme has started (tuitions collected) no tuitions will be repaid. Students, who do not pay tuitions after admission are not enrolled.

Degree Regulations

The applicable degree regulations for postgraduate and dual degree programmes of Universidad Azteca apply.

Duration and workload of a course

Successful completion of a course with a workload of 7,5 ECTS credits is estimated to be approximately 180 hours. Students should allocate approximately ten hours a week for reading, personal study, completion of reflection activities and submission of assignments. There is one marked assignment per module. Courses are offered on a part-time basis and are designed to be completed within four months. The asynchronic e-learning mode of the programme allows students to proceed at their own pace.

Study language

The online programme is conducted in Spanish, German and English, French, Italian & Arabic

Supporto agli studenti

The programme is administered and provided by Universidad Azteca. Students are eligible for Universidad Azteca International Programmes student support regarding tutoring and assistance in the programme.


ModuleExam modeECTS
1. Semester
Theory & Methodology Basics of Scientific ResearchWritten exam7,5
Didactics: Theory & PracticeWritten exam7,5
2. Semester
Applied Statistics in Education ResearchWritten exam7,5
Advanced Technologies in Education ResearchWritten exam7,5
3. Semester
Seminar: Pedagogy and Didactics IWritten exam7,5
Development of Research Process in Education ScienceWritten exam7,5
4. Semester
Seminar: Pedagogy and Didactics IIWritten exam7,5
Seminar: Methods and Techniques of Research in EducationWritten exam7,5
3. – 6. Semester (research project)
Dissertation – ThesisPresentation & Defence120
Degree requirements in ECTS points180

Programme Accreditation (RVOE)







1. Notice – Internationally the programme is provided in English, German, French, Italian and Arabic without RVOE as programme acc to article 59 general law of education

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